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Pros and Cons of Wood Garage Doors

Even though there are a variety of garage door materials now, wood remains a popular option. That’s because wood garage doors offer a classic look that can complement any home style. 

If you’re considering wood for your next overhead garage door installation, or are simply wanting to get tips on how to maintain your wood garage doors, read on to find out more about this type of material.

Wood Garage Door Pros and Cons

Wood is a stunning natural material that has long been used for garage door installation. 

Even though there are a variety of garage door materials now, wood still remains a popular garage door option. Because wood garage doors provide a classic, timeless look, it enhances any home’s curb appeal. But wood garage doors also come with a few potential drawbacks that you should be aware of before making your final decision.

Depending on your goals, check out these key advantages and drawbacks for using wood in residential garage doors:


  • A wood garage door can add natural beauty and curb appeal to your home. The premium look is timeless for both contemporary and classic homes.
  • Wood is a versatile material that can be stained or painted to match your home’s exterior. Whether you coat it with paint, or keep the original look and just add stain, wood can be very flattering either way.
  • Wood garage doors are generally more energy-efficient than other types of garage doors because they provide better insulation. Wood is a natural insulator, so wood garage doors can help keep your garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This means you could pass on the added expense of insulation.


  • Wood garage doors require more maintenance than other types of garage doors. They need to be repainted or re-stained every few years to keep them looking their best.
  • Wood garage doors can be damaged by moisture and rot, unlike composite, fiberglass, or steel garage doors that won’t be susceptible to that type of damage.
  • Wood garage doors are also more expensive than other types of doors.

How To Maintain Wood Garage Doors

If you have a wood garage door, it’s important to take steps to maintain it. Wood is a premium investment; you could maximize wood garage doors by properly maintaining and extending their lifespan. You’ll not only prolong the life of your door but also keep it looking great. Here are some tips for maintaining your wood garage door:

  • Inspect your door regularly for signs of wear and tear. If you see any cracks or splits in the wood, don’t hesitate to call a professional for repairs.
  • Once a year, give your door a good cleaning with mild soap and water. Be sure to rinse it well afterward. You may also want to apply a fresh coat of sealer or paint to protect the wood from weathering.
  • If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, taking care of your wood garage door is especially important. Extreme heat or cold can cause the wood to crack and warp, so be sure to take steps to protect it. Too much damage on the wooden garage door panels could compromise the protection that it provides your home. So if a replacement is due, it’s best to get new panels when needed.
  • Check the doors for signs of rotting. You can do this at least every few months. If left unaddressed, rot can spread and affect the structural integrity of your doors. To check, try prodding the bottom of the doors with a solid tool. If the wood feels softer than usual, you may have rotting that’s not visible. Call a professional garage door service right away for panel replacement.
  • If you have any questions about caring for your wood garage door, don’t hesitate to contact a garage door repair company. They can give you more tips and advice on how to keep your door looking its best.

If you decide that a wood garage door is right for you, be sure to purchase one from a reputable manufacturer. Installation is also important, so be sure to hire a professional to install your door. With proper care and maintenance, your wood garage doors will last for many years.

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